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I really love the beach, I love anything outdoors and fun like laser tag. I also fish when I have the chance which is few and far between.

Being outdoors is great, I used to really be big into hunting but fell out of it.

The women, a fifth of them claiming to be virgins according to a study released in March by Seeking Arrangement, benefit financially from these relationships. Many of the men, as many as 40 percent by one estimate, are already married.

These are Charleston’s “sugar babies” and “sugar daddies.”Signing up on Seeking Arrangement is fairly simple. You explain your marital status — “married but looking” is an option here.

When I'm not working I'm a volunteer EMT/Firefighter with my county. I enjoy all things film related, photography and making music.

That's why the gals who responded tend to drop the guy who can neither cook nor pick out a good restaurant for take-out, who haven't figured out a better system than laundry once a month, or who respond to our suggestion to call a cab at the end of the night with, "Okay, but do you have some cash? Be able to run the date—and your life.“Loving your mom, being devoted to your mom, all that's well and good... But loving her too much (i.e.: living with her past the age of 23, calling her daily/nightly, needing her to do basic chores like laundry) is a major turn-off.”Also: A bad temper.

"Waxing and shaving yourself bare tells us you take yourself way too seriously. but if you throw your money around as if there is no tomorrow, we’re skeptical. I’d rather rent a movie with you at home than watch your card get rejected at a restaurant or spot a Shut-Off Notice on the counter.”This was by far women’s number one complaint.

You sit down with someone for a drink or coffee and realize they're one giant red flag. ), but guys had comments all over the map (reinforcing the idea that women are one wild enigma? We want to feel safe, to feel like "everything's going to be okay." But we don't want to be solely responsible for everything being okay.

Actually, 50 of my closest, unmarried friends will. Or if you hang on so tight to it that you can't even stomach paying at Mc Donald's, then you need to reevaluate.” “We don’t mind if you had money problems in the past. And people lose jobs, get pricey divorces, run up a debt or two, it happens.


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