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Our clients want some one who is smart, fun, grounded and attractive - both the inside and outside. The singles who join our candidate pool are looking for serious relationships. Other Las Vegas dating services may use incentives to lure candidates to join their service with out much accountability for securing a long term relationship. Our reputation has been built on superior customer service. Other Las Vegas Dating services may distribute private information such as e-mail, telephone number and photos causing concern for singles in high profile jobs or social positions. We offer both by discretely conducting a search for qualified candidates that fit our clients criteria.

Every candidate signs a Confidentiality Agreement before being admitted into our pool.

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A valid and properly stamped date code is just one of many parameters that are checked to guarantee the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Authentic Louis Vuitton handbags with alcantara linings may have date codes that are very hard to read or have disappeared altogether.

Chase Stevens Las Vegas Review-Journal @csstevensphoto “Show them what you did in the third grade, this will work every time,” says Brian Howie, the host of the evening’s event.These date codes simply serve to identify the manufacturing location and date for a Louis Vuitton handbag, not to verify it's authenticity.With the exception of early handbags (early 1980s and older), date codes can be found on all Louis Vuitton handbags and other items made by the luxury brand (e.g. Most date codes are a combination of letters and numbers.It would take three months of weekly dating to discover what we determine before you are ever introduced to a candidate.We understand the challenge involved in finding the right match for you.Unlike other Las Vegas dating services we never rely on Internet screening or phone interviews.


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