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Writing your own profile, however, can be very difficult.

Even the best writers hire professionals to write their bios for them.

Some Frenchman named Lévy claimed he was first, but whoever heard of him?

Armstrong's four principal inventions—regeneration, superregeneration, the superheterodyne, and frequency modulation—the superheterodyne has always seemed one of the least controversial. He devised it during World War I, patented it shortly afterward, sold his patent to Westinghouse who cross-licensed RCA and the radio industry, and that was that.

The brand - which has become a popular, if not pricey, go-to for yogis and athleisurewear fans alike - also revealed in the documents that it sent written notice to Under Armour back in April, but never received a response.

Lululemon says that Under Armour used the same patented design to create four of its own designs - the Eclipse Low Impact Bra and the Strappy Bra, both of which are part of the women's range, and the On The Move Bra and the Printed Strappy Bra, both of which are part of the girls' range - and all of which retail for less than Lululemon's original design. Lululemon is suing sportswear brand Under Armour, claiming it copied the design of its popular Energy Bra (left) to make several of its own designs, including the UA Eclipse Low Impact Bra (right)Significantly less in fact, which Under Armour's cheapest offering - the Girls' Printed Strappy Bra - retailing for .99, making it more than cheaper than Lululemon's own design.

The similarities between Lululemon's Energy Bra and Under Armour's four designs - and the basis for the Canadian yoga brand's claims - focus on the four interlocking straps at the back of the design, which Lululemon says it first introduced back in 2011.

The Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division provides information on a wide range of topics of interest to consumers, including identity theft, debt management, refund rights and scams that target elderly individuals.

The links to the right include practical advice and information about your rights as a consumer.


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