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An ABC spokesperson tells , "We respectfully disagree with the ruling and are exploring our legal options going forward.” According to the lawsuit (read it here), which was filed in July in California's Orange County Superior Court, Williams met a woman named Kelley Cahill online in early 2005, and they had a romantic relationship.

The affair ended May 2006 after Williams allegedly found Cahill in bed with another man but not before they purchased a property together in Cahill's name.

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In 1907, he combined a number of news providers into United Press Associations as a rival to Associated Press. In 2010, mother married the father of her second child, and the couple adopted B. But the grandparents continue to seek custody in ongoing proceedings. That said, circumstances here didn’t warrant such determinations, Mathias concluded. Grandparents didn’t receive legal notice of the adoption or consent, but they were aware stepfather had filed the adoption petition, which was granted in August 2011.Grandparents who filed late motions challenging a stepfather’s adoption of a 6-year-old are not entitled to relief based on their argument they didn’t receive legal notice, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday in a family law case raising two issues of first impression. from the time she was a newborn until she was about 27 months old, according to the record, during which time B. In , 41A04-1308-AD-388, the Court of Appeals panel affirmed trial court orders denying the grandparents’ motions for relief from judgment and motions to correct error that aimed to set aside the trial court’s adoption decree. Pyle III noted the issues of first impression in this case: “(1) whether the phrase 'lawful custody' is equivalent to the phrase 'legal custody' for purposes of Indiana Code § 31-19-9-1, such that a lawful custodian must be court ordered; and (2) whether Grandparents qualified as lawful custodians by meeting the statutory qualifications for being de facto custodians.” "In light of ... Under these circumstances, and under the plain meaning of the term “lawful,” I would conclude that Grandparents had “lawful” custody of B. H., and therefore, notice of Stepfather’s adoption petition and Grandparent’s consent to B. "Although Grandparents’ consent to the adoption was not sought, Grandparents had actual notice that Stepfather had initiated adoption proceedings.The grandparents had been almost sole caregivers for B. common law history of disfavoring the right of any party other than a child’s parents to object to an adoption, we hold that the adoption statute’s use of the phrase “lawful custody” under Ind. H.’s primary caregivers, lived with and financially supported her, the Johnson Juvenile Court determined that Grandparents qualified as B. But Grandparents failed to intervene in or to contest the adoption proceedings; therefore, I would hold that Grandparents cannot challenge the decree of adoption at this late date.United Media was a large editorial column and comic strip newspaper syndication service based in the United States, owned by the E. Its core businesses were the United Feature Syndicate and the Newspaper Enterprise Association. Scripps started his newspaper career in the 1885, and owned 22 newspapers by 1910.


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