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"Reminds me of us when we were that age," Trish added in between licks and kisses of his testicles. " Stacey said, spitting on Ulysses' shaft, using her drool as lubricant to jack his shaft. Ugly ducklings." Trish smiled, rising to her elbow, licking her lips, admiring the shaft before her. She shrugged, lowering her head, licking at the base of his cock, "We'll think of something! After Trish came again, Stacey pulled her sister off Ulysses, grabbed the base of his cock and impaled herself on it. Finally collapsing on Ulysses, they resumed their discussion about their sons. Meanwhile, you two are discussing spending more time with them in hopes it will help them feel more comfortable around the opposite sex.

" An hour later, Stacey was slapping Trish's ass while she lay on top of a pistoning and thrusting Ulysses. "He's never once mentioned girls," Stacy said, kissing over Ulysses' chest. No self-confidence," Stacy said, kissing down to his stomach. The boys will hang out with their aunts, instead of their mothers, potentially avoiding more awkwardness and creating a safe environment where they can relax and possibly open up to you." The two sisters traded looks, smiled, then laughed. Chapter 2 It was close to midnight, US eastern time, when the exhausted sisters arrived to their home in Miami.

So we stopped at a park and snapped a few pics before heading to the hotel to shoot.

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Her younger sister, Trish was sucking on Ulysses' balls. "Mmhmm," Trish nodded, her tongue sliding all around Ulysses' nut sack. Ulysses said, nothing, nodding his head, his hand to Stacey's waist. The two sisters continued on into the night, taking turns riding and cumming on Ulysses. "I'm betting you haven't even been paying attention though.

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Then I lay in bed, listening to the sounds of my son relieving his pent up desires next door.

Author's note: I tried more experimenting with this one.

There are a few scenes where events with aunts and nephews, moms and sons, are happening simultaneously.

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