New chat request from serena dating 2016

I have a tab in my messages that reads ' Message requests' - I have never seen this before and am not sure what it means.There are currently no messages in it, but has it come from someone I have blocked or what?To begin a chat conversation with a technician, a requester must click the Live Chat button on the lower-right corner of their home page.When a technician receives a chat request, they will need to pick the request within the stipulated chat response time, which is configured on the Chat settings page.

Now, how I can send chat request to all contacts from my new personal account? I did pasted every contacts to chat text box and selected "Invite to Chat".Requesters can use this feature to have their simple issues resolved without raising a request by email or phone or through the self-service portal.To make Live Chat available for requesters and technicians, the SD admin must configure Chat Settings in Helpdesk Customizer under the Admin tab.This can be annoying since you don’t get notified meaning that people who are trying to connect with you are ignored (not on purpose).Facebook has recognized that predicament and has since launched a new feature for the Messenger app This is a pretty important development because prior to this, the Other folder was inaccessible by those using the Messenger app, making things even worse.The following screenshot shows technician's chat window when a new chat arrives.


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