Pension credit backdating rules

When claiming PC, a person can claim for her/himself and her/his partner if s/he has one.

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We may be able to pay benefit from an earlier date if you can show there was good cause for a delay in making your claim, throughout the whole period you would like it to be backdated.

Back To Top By law, we can only backdate housing benefit for a person of working age for up to one month from the date we receive your request for backdating, providing you can demonstrate continuous good cause throughout the whole period.

You must clearly state the period you would like us to consider backdating and the reasons that prevented you from making an earlier claim.

Sometimes Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support customers think we should pay their benefit from a date before we receive their claim. Backdating is sometimes possible but only in limited circumstances.

It is always best to make your claim as soon as possible.


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