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However, it was after her breakup that she started to sing and write her own words, and after moving to United Kingdom in 1998 she started performing in a band with Blue Harlem and Mike Sanchez.She is an Irish by nationality, and belongs to white ethnicity.This analytical personality loves to mull over things and will often wander so deeply into the recesses of their own mind that to an outsider, they may appear disinterested, detached, or even anti-social.Some of history’s most famous scientific and philosophic minds fall into the “thinker” category, such as Socrates, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.

This Myers-Briggs personality is characterized as being introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving.

Frankly, all those aforementioned deep-seated issues are still very much alive and kicking, therapy be damned.

So when I heard about free "Internet therapy" websites, I was curious.

She has two elder sisters and two elder brothers, and the kids grew up together; all attending the local Senior College Ballyfermot.

A student of art, she also studied graphics design and print making too and was influenced into music listening to folk rock and country music, especially by artists like Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.


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