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You know the one drop rule – if you’ve got a bit of Black in ya, well, that’s what you are.

Nowadays, in our post-racial society, a lot of folks would challenge the fallacy of being identified by one ethnicity but hey, we thought it would still be fun to take inventory of the overlooked Black celebs in Hollywood.

The AP reports that the network plans to go ahead with…

While it’s usually easy to spot a brotha or sista, sometimes a few manage to slip on by without being noticed.

Here are a few that you may have not known belonged to the family.

Though he's now denying he said anything about Furtado, others at the awards luncheon confirm to us that Rubino told the story; Rubino did not return our call yesterday. Side Dish John Mayer was blocked from buying stuff at a Circuit City in Santa Monica — and the musician never once asked, "Do you know who I am?

" He just looked "embarrassed" after he presented his Amex Black Card and the clerk asked for ID, which he'd lost, US Weekly reports.


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